We spend all our time complaining about how fast the year goes by, yet when taking some time to reflect on 2017 and trying to come back to January 2017, the mindset we were in and the way we used to look, nobody can quite deny that 12 months have gone by. With that in mind, I’ve decided to reflect on my 2017’s beauty evolution, the things I’ve loved, the knowledge I’ve learnt and the complications I’ve let go of.


Looking back at my makeup purchases this year, I haven’t bought any eyeshadows and very few lipsticks compared to previous years, foundations and concealers, on the other hand, have been heavily purchased with the hope of finding the perfect ones. The perfect foundation doesn’t exist, but 2017 is the year where I came close to my perfect base, the one which looks flawless and feels comfortable at the same time, that is to say lots of time to apply very little foundation and some concealer where I need more help.


Always loved and cherished fragrances, but this year I’ve finally learnt how to write about them in a more meaningful and profound way as well as to define them as a therapeutic gesture. I have been using them to help me fall asleep -never been a pillow spray kinda girl-, shift away from stress or simply going back to my confident self.


From going eyeshadow free and lip balm heavy came a new, surprising love for a heavy cheek. Long gone are the days where I had to choose between a bronzer, a highlighter and a blusher because the thought of layering them was too frightening for me. Nowadays, gently layering a subtle sculpting powder with a little bit of blush and -even- highlighter is one of my favourite morning step, in addition to being the makeup which suits my mood and face the most at the moment.


With a skin less obedient than usual, I’ve decided to stop the heavy testing phase I was in, and, instead, focus on simple skincare and being loyal to it, two things both my skin and wallet are now thankful for. Keeping the skincare routine simple is very difficult when reading skincare blogs is one of your favourite hobbies, but it might just be the most underrated decision to make in order to save or simply beautify the skin.


  • Despite my love for testing skincare I am faithful to a few skincare items that I know benefit my skin. Too much change sets off even the most obedient skin! And even though I feel like the year has passed in a blink, I also feel like a lot has happened and I have developed and grown. More personal than beautywise, but I have changed a few of my preferences as well.

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

    • I’m glad you agree! Yes, I think it is funny because we always say we would like to go back in time, but if I think of how much I have grown this year, I’m actually pretty happy to stay here, in the present!

      • Ah, no. I wouldn’t want to go back. I am still excited to go forward.

  • It’s definitely flown by but this year has seen me change and learn a lot. I didn’t buy many lipsticks at all because I have so many and I just didn’t see the point in adding more to the already large collection…but I did indulge in a lot of new skincare. I know what you mean about paring down the skincare routine. I still use a fair few products in my morning/evening routines but I stick to the same products now and don’t chop and change as much as I used to xxx


    • Yes, I’m just the same, my routine still has many steps in it and I love it that way because I love doing my skincare routine, but I won’t change these steps as easily as I used to!

  • Courtney Hardy

    These products sound really good. I love your picks.

  • Yeah, sometimes a simple skincare routine is best for your skin. After only using serums and oils for a very long time, lately I’ve found myself craving a simple moisturizer. I got Sunday Riley’s Tidal and I bloody love it!

    Happy New Year!

    • This one is on my wishlist I believe, it always sounds very lovely so I’m glad to hear you like it as well!! Happy New Year to you too!

  • Zorica

    So many amazing products.
    Great post.
    Happy New Year.

  • Bernadette

    I definitely love me some blush, i can never seem to get enough of it though i am a lover of eye shadow so it makes me tone my blush choices. Awesome post, I loved reading this! It’s interesting to look back and see how our taste in makeup has changed in the last year. Something I have noticed with myself is I don’t go all out with contouring anymore and have embraced more bronzing, though i can feel it creeping back this year. x


    • Blush is life!! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed reading this post, even though a year is a short period of time, we always seem to find the time to change, and our look isn’t an exception, we find time to understand the past mistakes and, hopefully, improve our makeup (and skincare) skills!

  • That’s so interesting about the perfume, I’ve seen more and more perfume products for therapeutic reasons and they sound lovely!


    • Yes, I think they can really help sometimes! Thank you for commenting 🙂

  • Courtney Hardy

    Sounds awesome. These products are all awesome.

  • cherri

    I totally agree, we think the year has gone by so fast but its so hard to cast our minds back to January! I don’t think I have bought much makeup this year.. a few lipsticks and palettes but nothing too major which is strange as I used to buy just that in a month! x


    • Yes, I’m just the same, I use to buy so much, now I buy less and less and prefer to go through my current stash first! Thank you for commenting 🙂

  • Focussing on a simple skincare regime definitely sounds like the way to go, and ooh I can relate to getting more into the cheeks now! Your Charlotte Tilbury blushes are making me swoon right now….

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • I think so as well! I love the CT blushes so much, they are more expensive than what I usually like to spend on blushes, but I believe they are worth it in the end!