I always seem to forget that a beauty item doesn’t have to be new to be reviewed. I have mentioned the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II Serum many times on my blog, but never actually dedicated a full review to it, rather odd considering it has become, since its very first use 4 years ago, my favourite serum.

The Advanced Night Repair was my very first serum, I first purchased it after watching one of Sali Hughes’ YouTube videos where she explained that most beauty editors use it daily, despite all the new releases they have or get to test out, she also stated that it takes care of everything and every skin type, two things which always speak to me. It was also around this time that I realized my skin was more thristy for hydration than moisture. And with a high concentration of water and Hyaluronic Acid infused in a very light, non clogging formula, a plump, deeply hydrated skin was the fastest, most flagrant transformation to me.

After more weeks of diligent use, however, the Advanced Night Repair locks the hydration inside the skin and along with that comes the feeling of comfort and robustness which most sensitive skins pursue. Curiously enough, as the skin is getting stronger, it also starts to look smoother and more refined with a disappearance of skin texture. Renowned as the serum which helps the skin to renew itself – especially overnight but also, despite the name, during the day-, the Advanced Night Repair is also particularly effective at speeding up the healing and scarring process of both irritations and breakouts. Finally, anti-aging or not, it certainly is a great prevention against wrinkles and skin sagging thanks to its star ingredient -hyaluronic acid-, but also some antioxidants.

At first, I thought of the Advanced Night Repair as a good illustration of what all serums were offering to the skin, and I therefore ventured into cheaper alternatives, or simply alternatives. Very early on, I realized it wasn’t the case: I have tried, enjoyed and loved many other serums, but none of them are as complete as this one.  In a simple, freshly scented consistency, the Advanced Night Repair soothes, heals, hydrates, beautifies and strengthens the skin where other serums only tick off two or three of these tasks.


  • Yiotou_La

    I agree with all the above, I used this product a couple of years ago and no other serum compares to this one. I would love to re-purchase it, if only it wasn’t that expensive. xx


    • Yes, it is quite expensive, but while I was doing some research for the post, I’ve actually realized it was one of the least expensive ones on the high street market, I was quite surprised!

  • It is the one that I always go back to as well, my backup serum for serious skin issues, my clueless serum when I don’t know what my skin wants. A staple.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • You’re right, it is such a good one to use when the skin is seriously confused, I’m very glad you agree 🙂

  • I agree this is is one really, really impressive serum. It has worked wonders in the past on my T-Zone! I’m now wondering why on earth I didn’t re-purchase?!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Hotel Chocolat Father’s Day Hamper Giveaway (Open Worldwide!) x

    • I’m glad you agree and your comment about the T-Zone is very interesting to hear as well! Thank you for reading 🙂

  • My favourite skincare item & one that I am never without too! I find that sometimes people expect instant results with this but I think the results are noticed after some time has passed xx

    Beautylymin| LuxurySkincareGiveaway

    • Yes, I agree, especially considering it isn’t a clarifying serum or a brightening one, the results are less noticeable, it is more about the comfort and the overall texture of the skin than anything else! I personally start seeing results after a week, but it only improved my skin after at least 3 weeks to a month of diligent use (I only use it in the evening, though), and I believe the anti-aging claims would take even more time, as I said, it is only a prevention to me and only time would tell if it truly works or not!

  • Siobhan loves this too and unfortunately on me, I don’t quite see the amazing results that many experienced with it. Maybe I should use it more diligently instead of 3 times a week?

    • Yes, I think you really have to use it diligently to see real results, I personally use it every night!

  • cinthykwok

    This product sounds great. Thanks for sharing!

    xx, Cinthy Kwok

  • I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this serum, maybe it’s time I give it a go!

    Love Katy @ The Rawrdrobe x

    • It truly is a unique serum in my opinion, and I believe every skin type could benefit from it! Thank you for reading 🙂

  • This is one of the item I’m always going to purchase in OctoberNovember when my skin needs more hydration and then I never end up buying because of the price tag. I had a very bad experience with a serum from Kiehl’s (Midnight..something..?) so now I’m a bit cautious when I have to buy a serum, especially if it’s not cheap. But oh well, glad you found an holy grail product x

    Caterina | caterinasosso.com

    • Oh you must be talking about Midnight Recovery Concentrate? I didn’t have a really good experience with it either (even though I’ve just tried it as a deluxe sample), this one is very different from it, it is less clogging and more on the watery side of things, it is more hydrating than nourishing (which I believe to be the first purpose of Midnight Recovery)!

      • Yeeess exactly, it was the Midnight Recovery!! This is a good news, because it means that maybe we have a similar type of skin and I could potentially love the Estée Lauder one!! 😀 😀

  • clare⭐

    I remember when this first launched and I know so many people who still love it now! I’ve never actually tried it though haha


    • It’s such a classic, it is actually quite old, but I remember all the buzz about the reformulation a few years ago as well! I highly recommend it 🙂

  • Violette

    I planned to try this serum! I really have to because it definitely looks amazing! Thanks for the review!


    • You’re welcome 🙂 I highly recommend you do so, it will help your skin, no matter your skin type or skin issue!

  • I really must try this, can’t believe I never have! I love your writing style, so easy to follow and interesting!


    • Oh, thank you, that’s a very nice thing to say 🙂 I highly recommend it, it’s an investment, but it is worth it! Thank you for reading 🙂

  • And I still haven’t tried it! At first the price put me off and then I started to discover so many different brands and products that this serum wasn’t as tempting but I think I should just give it a go. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    • Yes, there is so many serum releases and serums in general, we never know where to begin! I highly recommend the Advanced Night Repair, though, it is very different from anything I’ve tried so far!

  • Katie

    I have dry skin so this sounds perfect for me! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

    Beauty From Katie

  • How interesting! It really must be doing wonders for you if you have stayed with the product for 4 years! I am very natural when it comes to my skincare, however this product does seem to have a lot of positives 🙂

    Adrianna xx | http://mimamochi.com/

    • It does! Yes, I can’t see myself without it! Thank you for commenting 🙂

  • I haven’t tried this, but it’s definitely an icon in skincare!


  • I need to get a full size of this. I remember using a sample years ago and really liking it, but never purchased a full size, and I don’t know why!

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

    • Definitely try the full size then, it gets better as you keep using it, but I’m glad you agree 🙂

  • Jenny

    I used Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair for more than 1 year.
    It worked really well on my skin. The only problem is the price :((
    I want to try again!!


    • I agree with the price, it always hurts a little bit to repurchase it! I’m very glad you agree 🙂

  • I remember trying – and LOVING – the ANR serum years ago. It is pricey, though…
    Do you think it could work to buy a couple of serums from The Ordinary and use a coctail of those as a substitute? If so, what serums?


    • Well, I haven’t tried any of them, but obviously the Hyaluronic Acid one should be a little bit similar, for the other ones, they are all based on ingredients which aren’t present (at least not in high quantity) in the Estée Lauder one so it is hard for me to describe a specific cocktail, but that would be an interesting idea indeed 🙂 An affordable serum which I have tried and found very similar to ANR is the La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Serum, I hope it helps 🙂