It is the little tip which keeps popping up in conversations recently: Zara does very lovely fragrances! But being a homebody means that I prefer the Zara website over the actual shop and buying unknown fragrances online is nonsense, especially when wandering around the city is all it takes to get to know them. It took me a few weeks, but I’ve finally found myself visiting the perfume counter at Zara, and if many of them were too sweet for my tastes, White Jasmine was too beautiful for me to leave the store without it.

ย Without too many notes, or at least notes which aren’t evolving throughout the hours, throughout the day, White Jasmine is a splash of simplicity. Like a white tee and a great pair of denim, it is something to throw on without really thinking about it, yet still knowing that it will look -smell- good. Clean, musky without driving itself away from the floral scent, White Jasmine -according to Zara’s own description- mixes ‘Jasmine, Peach, Honeysuckle and Musk’ without, however, making one of them stand out, but rather creating a unique note which embodies feminity and simplicity, with a hint of freshness added to it as well. All year round, day and night, everyday life or special occasions, I think it would always work, as it is easy to project a specific mood, atmosphere and personality onto it. The white leather case in which the ultra simple square bottle is stored definitely symbolises this idea. It is a blank slate, but the most beautiful one, and one which I cannot stop wearing at the moment.