Today I’m starting a new series where, for a month or a week, I keep a little diary featuring anything I could experience with my beauty routine, collection or temptation. In my latest skincare review, I’ve been explaining how my skin has been particularly sensitive recently and, if I’ve yet to find the reason why it’s acting up -even though I always investigate into the weather, my diet, my skincare and makeup- I’m nonetheless able to explain what I do to help my skin, depending on the day I have!


Bad start to the week, I wake up with a little cold, probably because of yesterday’s run. I also went to the movies last night and ended up going to bed rather late, which I guess doesn’t help. I immediately put some serum on and decide to drink a huge amount of water with my breakfast. I spend the day with a thin layer of makeup on my face and everything’s fine until the light rain hits my skin! After that, all I can think about it’s taking my makeup off, which I do a couple of hours later, followed by an indulging and comforting skincare routine.


-It might be helpful to know that I’ve finished my year of study and won’t start to work before a week- I start the day very slowly with a good breakfast and a lot of water. I decide to have a makeup-free day whilst I work on my blog. I try to drink as less coffee as possible-which is quite difficult for me as I like my cup of coffee next to my computer- and replace it with water: unsuccessful! Every time I touch my face I feel the sensitivity of my skin around my mouth. I go to bed with an extra amount of serum and moisturizer on this area.


I wash my face right after I wake up and immediately notice a slight feeling of irritation and burning: I believe anyone who owns a sensitive skin would agree that the feeling of discomfort it gives is impossible to explain, we recognize it, that’s all! It will be another no makeup day. I even skip the SPF, which didn’t seem to help yesterday. I put a water spray and soothing mist on my desk and end up using one or the other every few hours. More importantly, though, I try not to touch my face. In the evening, I thoughtfully look at my skin in the mirror and notice that these three things have helped grandly.


If my skin is a lot better this morning, my eyes feel a little bit itchy- which usually never happens to me-, I start to think I have allergies even though I already know I don’t! My makeup comes down to concealer, brows and bronzer. I’m glad my day is quite busy because that means I won’t touch my face and my eyes. I wash my hair in the evening, which I’m always quite anxious about when my skin’s sensitivity is high because that means hot water on my face! My skin has survived it!


I do my makeup pretty early in the morning and don’t remove it before 8pm. My evening skincare routine is heavier as usual as I’ve spent a lot of time outdoors and finally feel that my skin is ready to handle more aggressive products -aka Chemical Exfoliators-. As I lay in bed, I notice my pillow doesn’t hurt -perhaps that is too strong a word- my face anymore, another sign that my skin is recovering!


I spend my morning watching Friends with my soothing mist next to me. It will be another blogging, indoor day so I don’t really see the point of doing my makeup. I also skip SPF, again, I just want to see if it could be the cause of my skin’s sensitivity – I just have to avoid the windows which isn’t hard when the weather is awful-!


It’s Father’s day in France! After a week where I haven’t been wearing much makeup, it’s lovely to spend quite a lot of time doing it! As I always do on Sundays, I spend a huge amount of the evening pampering my skin!

Now that I’m reading back this little diary, I find it pretty boring, yet I still believe there is some great tips hidden in there so, as always, I hope it was helpful!


  • I have a question, even if you don’t go out, do you still apply spf? I hardly remember applying it and when I know I will stay at home, I wouldn’t even think about applying it. Whenever I am bored or stressed, I end up touching my face and end up having breakouts, I should stop that.

    Ela BellaWorld

    • I do apply it on my face and neck but not on my body as our home doesn’t get much direct sunlight.

    • Yes, I do, but only because my desk is directly in front of my window, I don’t believe it’s necessary if you don’t face a window 🙂 I’m just the same, if I’m working on my own, I don’t know why but I always end up touching my face, without realizing it, It’s a habit I should lose too!

  • This is an interesting read and what a brilliant idea for a blog series. Currently I am also in the works for narrowing down what is triggering little spots on my face and I have a suspicion that it’s a thermal water spray that I am testing. 🙁

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Thank you:) I also very enjoyed writing it, as I write one or two sentences each day, it doesn’t seem as time consuming as writing a whole post in one go! It’s so funny how we’re all investigating about our skin issues!

  • So what did you come up with as a conclusion? The SPF? Or maybe the water spray bottle? I know these are meant to be soothing, but water n your skin can break down your skins protective barrier.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • I’m not sure about the SPF, I put some on Monday and my skin is fine, yet I think I might try not to apply some every single day! I don’t think it is the water spray either, as I use some every single day for more than 4 years now and my skin’s sensitivity is only occasional.

  • Love this blog series, sometimes my skin is insanely sensitive and sometimes it can’t bother, will follow!! Xx


    • Thank you! Yes, it is so strange, and it sometimes takes ages to find its cause!

  • That’s such a great idea for the series! I think a lot of my skin problems are actually diet-related, so doing a diary like that would really help


    • Yes, it usually helps, especially as it is sometimes something I ate or did a week ago which can be the cause of my current skin issue, it’s so confusing!

  • It sounds like it could be the spf? What product do you use? xx


    • Mainly the LRP Anthelios XL range, yet I use it for probably 3 years now, I’m still investigating…With the arrival of summer, it might just be because of my skin which isn’t used to so much SPF!

  • Trang Do

    Such a great post! Love this idea!!
    Love from http://www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  • Fay

    My skin changes so much and it’s often hard to work out which products are working from my skincare bits and which aren’t for the type of skin I have that day, Writing it down is such a good idea to keep track of it all, thank you for the idea lovely 🙂 Xxx

    Fay <3

    Life With Fay

    • You’re welcome 🙂 Yes, it can easily become very confusing, especially if, just like me, you use quite a lot of products!