First of all, I would like to say that I have really been enjoying, for once, to put the focus on the eyes as opposed to the lips or the cheeks! I still believe that doing a strong eye is more time-consuming than doing a bold lip or some gorgeous bronzy/highlighty cheeks, but the process is quite pleasant as I’m able to do so much more with only one palette, depending on how I associate the shades or the intensity I give to my brush.

I will always prefer a neutral eye as opposed to something a little bit more colourful, so I’ve been using the Nude Spectrum palette a lot, yet I would like to stress that it is entirely possible to do a neutral eye with the Cocoa Blend palette. Moreover, if every single shade of the Cocoa Blend palette is unique and different, I did find that, once on the lid, some of the Nude Spectrum palette’s shades look very similar if not identical. That is, however, the only bad thing- with the exception of one eyeshadow which threatens to fall off the palette-  I have to say about this palette and probably the only difference – in terms of quality- between the two of them.

The Nude Spectrum palette offers a great variety of shades, lots of them are quite light and, therefore, perfect for a subtle, everyday look. Yet, the bright gold, rusty red and finally the matte chocolate shade stand out from the other ones, allowing me to do something a little bit different than the usual while staying wearable!

The Cocoa blend palette, on the other hand, offers less possibilities, yet the shade selection is very unusual and quite unique to me. It’s somewhere between a dramatic palette and something closer to the Nude Spectrum one. The two – Substitute for love and Freshly toasted–  crease shades are as stunning as the shimmery ones – especially Pure ganache, Sweeter end, Subtle blend, and obviously Warm notes-.

Overall, if I was already taken with the shades Zoeva had created before trying them, this is their formula which really surprised me! Thanks to their not too creamery/not too powdery texture, I have never seen one fall out whilst I was doing my makeup; moreover, they are very pigmented shadows which certainly need an effective primer to stay on all day long yet, once they are settled, they will never lose their intensity -which is quite rare and hard to find, particularly when it comes to shimmery eyeshadows-. Finally, just as the shades are very simple to pair up, the shadows are very easy to blend and work with both brushes and fingers, I actually prefer to use my fingers when it comes to pat on, in the middle of the lids, one of the gorgeous, deep shimmery shades I described earlier.