As I’m sure I already said on my blog: I’m not very good at applying eyeshadows, as soon as my brush dives into darker shades, it’s a disaster! Eyeshadow also represents the step I skip the most on a daily basis, but, I want that to change. I’m pretty sure I will build my own – probably Inglot- palette before the end of the year, yet it’s a process which takes time so, in the meanwhile, I decided to try some Zoeva palettes!

I have purchased two of them: the very well-known Cocoa Blend Palette and the new Nude Spectrum Palette. Both of them are really affordable – about 17 euros and 35 euros respectively- , especially for the amount of products they offer yet, from what I’ve heard on both Blogs and YouTube, their quality is worthy of some very expensive eyeshadows. Moreover, their packagings are lovely, do not feel cheap at all while staying very simple and convenient!

While I chose the Cocoa Blend palette for the deeper, crease shades and the pop of colour – at least on my point of view- in the middle, I purchased Nude Spectrum for its very neutral shades which all seem to work beautifully together. This palette perfectly illustrates the expression: variations on a main theme. I secretly hope that, by demonstrating how easy it is to use, the Nude Spectrum palette will encourage me to wear eyeshadows more often. The Cocoa Blend, on the other hand, should be perfect for daring a little bit more!

As for the first issue of this series, I will deliver, in a week, my first impressions on these palettes.