Beauty Inspiration -3- Courteney Cox in Friends


monica 6

Courtney Cox, Monica Geller

 Monica 11

I obviously do not need to introduce you this sitcom. Personally, I have always watched Friends to lift my spirits, without ever paying attention to full particulars that made Friends such a great show! And I truly believe that -Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Ross, Rachel and Joey- complete  themselves perfectly well.  Each character is idealistic, yet so relevant about us in a funny way that all you want to do at the end is spend some time with this little family.

monica 2

Now let’s talk Monica,  who is just a very maternal woman, very manic, a little bit neurotic to whom it is simple to identify ourselves as well as admire her glossy dark hair and her flawless and glowy skin, yet without having a complex about yourself because – as for each character of the show- she is never too polished and perfect. She is also the least self-confident of the crew, has some down periods that make her humane and match with her natural, classical beauty.

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