Beauty Inspiration -4- Julianne Moore in A Single Man

 Julianne Moore, Charley in A Single Man, a movie directed by Tom Ford

A Single Man 7

She plays Charley, the dearest friend of George -Colin Firth- who happens to be seriously depressed after the death of his partner. Both of them actually suffer from loneliness.

A Single Man 2

Being first known as a fashion designer, it seems obvious that he was going to give attention to outfits, hair and makeup in addition to his work on the colors, architecture and everything related to the aesthetic. Therefore, she physically emphasises her character who is very tragic, dramatic, profoundly attached to appearances too. Her hair, outfit, makeup as well as her gait serve her personality.

A Single Man 8

But also, throughout the night that she spends with George, her decrease is highlighted by her tousled hair and her tired eyes in order to make her suffering more visual.

A Single Man 9