Beauty Inspiration -5- Faye Dunaway in Puzzle of a Downfall Child

Faye Dunaway, Lou Andreas Sand in Puzzle of a Downfall Child, a movie directed by Jerry Schatzberg

 Faye Dunaway 5

The movie shows different moments of Lou’s chaotic top model life that she introduces herself years later while she lives, isolated, on a small island. Each moment tends to show a different person, making Lou a complex personality who always seems to play a part.

Faye Dunaway 2

This makes it difficult to tell true from false and, during all the movie, I believe every viewer would try, just as his friends who interviews her, to see through her manners and her shifty eyes. And everything, from her makeup and hairstyle to her outfits seems to be reflective of her weakness.

Faye Dunaway 1

I always admire Faye Dunaway’s fine features as well as her defined lips which are both always very emphasized in this movie. Yet, what I really love in this character is her hair which, throughout the film, leaves the blond shades to become more and more grey, highlighting her madness – especially during the scenes at the psychiatric hospital- while still adding an elegant touch to her very smart overall look.

Faye Dunaway 3