There is something about brushes which makes the makeup routine feels extra-special and, on a daily basis, they are a great motivation to put makeup on, especially when they are brand new …

I know I’m very late to the party, but I’ve truly been impressed with the Zoeva Rose Golden brushes lately: if I’m not completely convinced by their foundation brushes, I really appreciate the ones they’ve created for the eyes and cheeks. Starting with the 227 Luxe Soft Definer which I might prefer to my Mac 217 because it seems to be its thicker; tougher version which means that the Zoeva one works better with darker shades – because of its precision-. Having said that, I’m currently using it with the lightest shades of my Zoeva Nude Spectrum palette for an everyday, subtle eye. Even though it is quite wide, the Zoeva 109 Powder brush is also tougher than my usual bronzer brushes, which means that I can get my well-blending, subtle bronzey cheeks in a much more precise way. My face being quite small, I truly appreciate this alternative between a huge, fluffy brush and something too precise and therefore too harsh on the skin.

I use the Sephora Pro brush N°56 for my foundation since probably a year now and whilst I’m absolutely loving it, I needed a change and, since all the foundation brushes I’ve tried from other brands have been more or less disappointing, I decided to try another one from the Sephora Pro brand. If the N° 56 can be described as a mixture between a buffing and a flat foundation brush, the N°47 Pro Foundation brush is a combination between a flat and an angled brush. First of all, the long handle is helpful as it keeps the pressure very light. It doesn’t make the foundation sit on the skin, but it does give a tiny bit more coverage than my usual brushes. Just as the N°56 – can’t you tell I recommend both of them?- it can get anywhere on my face, yet I find its shape very smart when it comes to achieve that flawless, ultra smooth and sleek complexion.

– All of these brushes wash beautifully as well-