Dior knows very well that spring calls for something lighter and fresher on the lips -and anywhere else actually-. However with the Dior Addict Lacquer Sticks, they pretty much meet all expectations: the dry lips of autumn/winter as well as the spring and summer need for simplicity. Following the season, I’ve decided to pick two rather neutral and wearable shades: the 570 L.A. Pink and the 577 Lazy.

I love everything there is to love about the Lacquer Sticks: the shade selection is very generous in neutrals and nudes, but there is still some fun or dark shades here and there: 877 Turn me Dior is next on my list. In the gold trend we currently live in, Dior is one of the only brands which stick to silver, and I couldn’t be happier about that: the Lacquer Sticks feel extremely modern, sophisticated with a shape which mimics the Dior Addict Lip Glow. As my mum said to me one day, the Lip Glow looks like a perfume bottle. In fact, the Lacquer Sticks take a lot from it, they have inherited its balmy, cosy consistency, its vanilla scent, but also its plumping effect on the lips! Somewhere in the middle, the Lacquer Sticks also remind me of the Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks: they share the same pigmentation, sheer and high at the same time. Mixing lip balm with lipstick, the Lacquer Sticks are easy to forget once on the lips, their weightless finish and high hydrating properties feel like a lip balm. Yet a quick look at the mirror is enough for them to become lipsticks again: while the pigmentation gracefully fades away throughout the hours, the subtle shine and definition of the lips are still there! Bold shades will probably need more maintenance, though …

It might explain why I have choosen L.A. Pink and Lazy: while both of them have a rather large amount of pink in them, I cannot consider them bold or daring shades. Quite rare when it comes to makeup, I find their names very well chosen: 570 L.A. Pink -first one in the close-ups- has a little bit of the fresh pink lips often associated with summer and hot weather, yet it remains an old pink and something which looks quite classic on, thus building a ‘summer in the city’ feel around it. 577 Lazy, on the other hand, is a true pink. Unlike most pinks, however, Lazy doesn’t require a lot of makeup to be flattering on pale skins, quite the contrary. It would look its best with a little bit of foundation, brow gel and mascara: it is what I reach for on lazy sunny days.