It is safe to say that every skin needs some hydration, what certain skins do not need, however, is all the rich consistencies which usually comes with a good dose of hydration. From super watery –Ceramidin Liquid– to super nourishing -Ceramidin Oil Balm-, the Dr.Jart Ceramidin range has created 4 different formulas around a unique, simple composition. I have tried 3 of them and here is what I think…


Described by the brand as a serum, I prefer to think of the Ceramidin Liquid as an hydrating booster, a little extra to introduce into the usual -and sometimes boring- essence/serum/moisturizer skincare routine. That said, it could also replace the classic moisturizer when the skin easily gives up and breaks out when confronted to creams. It can also act as the perfect morning primer as its liquid consistency doesn’t disturb the makeup, or make it look too shiny at the end of the day whilst its slightly sticky finish merges the skin and the base into one. As the name Liquid Serum would suggest, the Ceramidin Liquid’s consistency is as liquidy as a serum, yet, much to my surprise, a lot easier to blend out evenly and quickly on the skin that most of the serums I’ve tried so far. This one is one to love for its versatility.


Seen for the first time at Sephora, I thought something was wrong with the tester -out-of-date or something-, but was very quickly reassured by the sales assistant: the gloopy consistency and, more importantly, the little white chunks of cream in it, are there on purpose. Once applied on the skin, however, the gel and the cream merge into one, super silky consistency which also happens to glide seamlessly on the skin and instantly boosts its radiance. The Ceramidin Gel Cream is the one to love for its unique consistency, one which might as well suit most skin types, from quite oily to quite dry.


More classic, but still not too rich, the Ceramidin Cream resembles the simple yet highly appreciated French Pharmacy moisturizer -the range’s scent is also quite reminiscent of it-. Thicker, this one is a little bit more tricky to apply, but equally as lovely once on the skin. Not surprisingly, though, the Ceramidin Cream is the one which combines the overall deep hydration of the range with some nourishing benefits.