Because I like to describe them as one of the most personal, intricate beauty items out there, I always struggle to believe that fragrances are also one of the most popular Christmas gifts. And unless it is a repurchase, buying a fragrance for girlfriends, wives, sisters or mothers is pretty risky. Fortunately, some perfumes, fresh and subtle, manage to steal most hearts…


Directly borrowed from Estée Lauder’s website, this word is the best description for their Pleasures Eau de Parfum which is fresh and uplifting without delving too deeply into the green notes. In fact, the -huge- presence of white flowers makes it extremely feminine, but also gives it the unique factor of being extremely versatile: day and night, Autumn/Winter or Spring/Summer, Pleasures suits every occasion, and every girl who likes flowers, but doesn’t want her scent to say it out loud.


As memorable and iconic as Chanel N°5, L’Eau N°5 almost feels like its little sister: it is much lighter, fresher, and, especially for a twenty something like me, a lot more wearable and subtle than its controversial big sister. L’Eau N°5 is a spritz of simplicity, but one which flatters each skin differently, and dare I say it, beautifully. This is the elegant pick for the woman who is looking for a signature scent, I know it didn’t take long to become one of mine.


A little bit more masculine, but still quite feminine when worn delicately, Bobbi Brown Beach is a bottle of freshness and a scent onto which everyone projects its own memories. Infusing white flowers and mandarin into it, Beach manages to transform the salty scent of the sea into something elegant, surprisingly easy to wear and, much to my surprise, not too summery. This is the fragrance for the sea lover, and women who like their scent to tell a story.