There is something about berries which seems to make everyone see eye to eye, they make the sweet tooth happy, but also the healthy freak, without mentioning how aesthetically pleasing they are! I for one love them, and I like the fact that Glow Recipe have mixed numerous and various berries with highly appreciated skincare ingredients to create the Bluberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser, a cleanser which, just as its star ingredient, is a definite crowd-pleaser.

It all begins with the perfect name, Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser: the first things I’ve scented and felt whilst pouring the cleanser into my hands is the delicate, very natural berry scent and a texture which defies all previous bouncy cleansing experiences! That said, it doesn’t disturb the cleansing process, which is as lovely and easy as any classic gel-which-does-not-foam consistency: without water, the hands have to work a little bit and deeply massage the skin, with water, on the other hand, the cleanser gently glides onto the skin without disturbing it too much. With or without water, however, it always removes makeup more efficiently -doesn’t imply to waterproof makeup- than the usual gel cleansers. Its refreshing feeling on the skin, however, defines it as a second cleanser or morning cleanser to me. Whether as a first cleanse or as a 5 min hydrating mask, I cannot help but feeling like I’m wasting the product up.

Indeed, my skin makes the most of the Glow Recipe Cleanser’s deep cleansing, exfoliating, anti-drying, but also softening ingredients by using it as the last step of the cleansing process as these properties truly prep the skin to receive the following hydrating steps of the routine without, however, compromising on its overall clear aspect. Beyond the bouncy consistency, this is perhaps what make this little blue cleanser Korean to me, the idea of something effective, but still part of a larger, well thought through, skincare routine.


  • This looks so beautiful I am loving the blue packaging and it sounds so nourishing too x

    • I don’t know about nourishing, but it certainly keeps the skin in good condition! Yes, this bright blue is gorgeous 🙂

  • I hoped you´d describe the scent like that, berry scents are so easy to get wrong, but this one sounds great.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Yes, this one is incredibly subtle and natural, it isn’t too sweet or strong!

  • I love the blue packaging! Very appealingx

  • I tend to be very picky with berry scent because a lot are fake or too sweet but this does sounds lovely. I need to try Glow Recipe brand, what else do you recommend from them?

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    • It is the first product I’ve tried from them, and I don’t even think their range is very extensive either! But I will definitely try more in the future!

  • This is already on my wish list but I love reading more and more about it. It sounds perfect. In fact I want everything Glow Recipe create or collaborate on 😉 xxx

    • I have to say it is pretty much the perfect cleanser for my skin! I’m just discovering the brand, but I’m very curious to try more as well!

  • The packaging is so sleek!! I always use water with cleanser :))
    Have a lovely week x

    Caterina |

    • So do I, water makes the process a lot easier! Thank you, a lovely week to you too 🙂

  • How do you think this would work on my dry skin? xx


    • I think it would work! I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it is hydrating, but it has hyaluronic acid in it (quite high in the ingredient list) and it certainly didn’t dry my skin out!

  • I was curious about this but then people said it wasn’t pH balanced like the brand claimed. I’ll have to get a sample from Sephora at some point!

    Mili | sharmtoaster

  • Ms Via

    I always use water along with the cleanser and this one sounds very hydrating. I also like the blue packaging. 🙂