Of all the bronzers I’ve mentioned in my latest makeup collection post, the Jouer Mattifying powder bronzer in Sunswept is, by far, the least spoken about, which doesn’t stop it from being beautiful and pretty unique of its kind! I simply thought it deserves its own blog post and review, so here it is!

In the era of glowy skin, the Jouer Bronzer’s name is particularly ill-chosen, and, more importantly, misleading. Indeed, if the Jouer Sunswept bronzer has the longevity of a traditional matte powder, the finish it gives to the skin is by no means matte, it’s a satin finish with some light reflections in it! Combined with the shade, which is neutral and warm at the same time, the overall result on the skin is definitely more radiant than anything else. This is actually what I love about this bronzer: the pretty rare combination between a skin-like finish and an outstanding longevity! Even though the powder itself is finely milled, the Jouer Mattifying powder bronzer in the shade Sunswept is very pigmented, which makes the application trickier and less mistake-proof than usual, depending on the brush I’m using – I would avoid anything too densely packed-. It easily becomes patchy or simply too intense, yet, once the risk is known, it is also easily avoidable, just by staying light-handed throughout the application. It never highlights skin textures, it just sets on the skin while adding a silky feel to it. Moreover, if used on the eyes -which I do regularly- it has the same longevity skills and never emphasizes fine lines.

Overall, whilst the gorgeous, neutral shade makes the Jouer Mattifying powder bronzer easily wearable, both the radiant finish and longevity it offers are particularly appropriate to summer months!


  • Wow, I am afraid of pigmented bronzers, I feel like I always overdo it.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Yes, it can be quite scary, but, once you control it (and make sure you have good lighting when you apply it), the finish look can be very beautiful 🙂

  • Caliope Couture

    This sounds like a great product! Sadly, bronzers are a bit too warm for my skintone usually.
    Christina ♥

    • It can be quite difficult to find the right bronzer indeed, I’m quite pale and I used to think none of them would suit me, but I do believe that the brush and the way of applying it could make a huge difference. By staying extremely light-handed throughout the application, a slightly too warm bronzer, can become gorgeous and perfectly suited to your skintone 🙂

  • I can never understand why brands put mis-leading names on products – Nars Sheer Glow is another that springs to mind because it is neither sheer nor glowy. Very pigmented bronzers scare me a little! xx


    • I’ve never tried the Nars Sheer Glow but, until now, I thought it was very sheer indeed, it is good to know 🙂 They definitely require a little bit more attention when you’re applying them but they are worth it!

    • I’m with you on this, I hate the misleading name and I would be pissed off if I actually spent money for something matte and got a satin finish instead. I was close to purchasing Nars Sheer Glow until I read on a blog that it’s neither sheer nor glowy.

  • It does sounds like a great products despite the name. I’ve been using liquid bronzer recently which surprisingly looks more natural on me than powders.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Liquid bronzers are the next step for me, I’ve always been quite scared of them, but I love my Soleil Tan de Chanel (which is a thick cream) and I completely trust you when you say they are more natural looking on the skin!