With a beauty industry which has never been more active and an overwhelming number of new releases on the daily, it is sometimes hard to believe that there is still room for improvements when it comes to skincare and/or makeup. Yet they are some beauty items which indisputably and automatically left us somewhat disappointed and eager to find a slightly better version somewhere else, I’m thinking mascaras, foundations, concealers, and, skincare-wise, sunscreens. Sun protection is tricky. It has to work, to truly protect the skin, but it should not suffocate the skin, transform it into a congested mess without mentioning the look-good-underneath-makeup part. As tricky as it sounds and freshly arrived from Wishtrend, I think the Klairs Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion SPF 40/PA++* might just tick all the boxes.

The first box the Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion* ticks, however, is my love for blue skincare, Klairs even goes further with a lotion which matches the packaging but doesn’t stain the skin. With this ‘ice blue shade’ comes a lotion which is easy to work into the skin, but still has a decent amount of protective thickness to it: it is the kind of sunscreen which can easily replace the morning moisturizer for the oily, combination and normal skins, but might not be enough if the skin is dry and/or dehydrated. Versatile, this consistency is easily buildable for no makeup days where reapplications are always welcomed, but also acts as a fantastic, everyday makeup primer. Hydrating but certainly not glowing, the Mid-day Blue Sun Lotionseems to even my skin out throughout the day with a foundation less cakey on the dry areas and less shiny on the stubborn T-zone, proving once more how much of an easy reach this little blue tube is. If its thickness and SPF factor would not be enough for the white mountains’ bright sun, this is the sunscreen to reach for on an everyday basis without the fear of aggravating the skin, it is the protection without the little breakouts afterwards, a relief for the skins which constantly ask themselves if there is an alternative between sun damages and congested skin.

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