Adding some shades of orange into any makeup look is probably one of the safest way to upgrade it to its summery version and, as always, changing of lip colour is the quickest, easiest way to do so! It doesn’t always have to be a bright true orange, it can be more neutral, muted or simply more on the red side of things. I had a look at my makeup collection and decided to include -whether there is a huge or a little amount of orange in them- my favourite orange lipsticks and, more precisely, the ones I would tend to save for the warmer months.

From top to bottom and in order of appearance:

Topshop Rio Rio and Infrared

Mac (matte) Lady Danger

ColourPop Lippie Stix (matte) Chi Chi and Clique –more about them

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick 12 Neoclassic Coral

Ofra Cosmetics Long-lasting Liquid Lipstick in Miami Fever –more about it


They all are pretty flattering on my fair, neutral complexion -otherwise I obviously won’t be wearing them- yet I do believe that, by describing the actual lipstick shades, each and everyone would be able to tell which ones are more likely to be flattering and vice versa. Rio Rio, which is a little bit more red than the well-known orange-red Lady Danger, truly brings to light my porcelain skin. With Clique, another classic orange-red, it is probably the only one which I could wear without anything on my cheeks. On another note, and with a bronzer’s help, Infrared and Chi Chi, respectively a bright light orange and a deeper true orange, are able to achieve that gorgeous summer glow. The same goes for Neoclassic Coral, even though, as the name would suggest, it has more coral than orange tones in it. Finally, I would defineΒ Miami Fever as a rusty brown-orange liquid lipstick which is surprisingly very flattering once it dries down a little bit.


I reach for Miami Fever,Β a liquid lipstick which doesn’t seem to be disturbed by food -greasy or not-. Yet, Mac, ColourPop and finally Topshop –which I believe to be a very underrated brand when it comes to lipsticks happen to also be very long-lasting, while offering a better comfort than the Ofra liquid lipstick -but this is the next point…-.


I really enjoy the Elizabeth Arden, ColourPop and Topshop offering in that category: these ranges are particularly successful when it comes to achieve lightweight, non-drying formulations. Mac Lady Danger isn’t bad either, I actually find it closer to the Satin Mac lipsticks than the Matte ones. Miami Fever, on the other hand, loses its comfort throughout the day.


Having something easy to apply and some mistake-proof bullets and formulations is very important, especially as an orange lip has to be flawless to be flattering. While it might take an extra amount of time to fill in the lips, the ColourPop small and curved bullets enable me to achieve a well-defined orange lip. Nonetheless, the Elizabeth Arden Neoclassic Coral glides effortlessly onto the lips while the Topshop and Mac classic bullets are, at least to me, relatively easy to use.


I particularly enjoy the Elizabeth Arden’s smoothing formula and satin finish, it just seems to enhance any lip shape. Yet, and for a beautiful plumping effect- for at least 4 hours-, I cannot but recommend the Ofra Miami Fever liquid lipstick.Β In fact, Topshop, Mac and ColourPop, which are all in between a satin and matte finish, aren’t bad either. It is worth knowing, though, that the ColourPop Lippie Stix can become quite cakey and visible on the lips throughout the touch-ups.