As I’m writing this post, I am currently waiting for the results which, if they are good, will end my academic years as a film student. Film studies are all about complicated things, but I would be lying if I say that I’ve always watched movies with the aim of analysing them afterwards. I’ve started watching movies as any ‘normal’ viewer would do, just to get distracted and inspired, and the beauty looks shown on films, whether simple or very put together, were a big part of it. Today, I like to think that, while expanding my film knowledge, I can also get inspired and have a close look at the fashion and beauty looks of the period treated. Throughout the films, however, some -very talented- actresses truly stand out to me as beauty -and most of the time fashion as well- icons…


photos from Dark Passage & Written on the Wind

Coming directly from old Hollywood, I truly regret that Bacall is often overshadowed by perhaps the more classical Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and others, very put together, dramatic icons! Lauren Bacall, on the other hand, represents the more effortless side of Hollywood. She never wears too much makeup and even admits being rubbish at it in her memoirs. In an era where we don’t put as much time and effort into our beauty routines, Lauren Bacall is the more realistic approach to old Hollywood makeup, she has even predicted the red lip, simple eyes combination.


photos from Les Choses de la vie & César et Rosalie

More famous in Germany and France than the rest of the world, Romy Schneider was perhaps my biggest beauty inspiration growing up. She is the actress to check out for anyone who loves a splendid, bronzey yet not orange makeup look whilst her habit of bringing her eyeshadow as close to her brows as possible has been inspiring me for years. She transforms a huge amount of makeup into a very classy look, and as far as I can tell, it isn’t as simple as it looks.


photos from Le Sauvage & The Hunger

Speaking of beautifully embracing a full face of makeup, Catherine Deneuve excels at it as well, just as she completely embraces her super blond, voluminous hair. As someone with a lot of it, I always look at pictures of her hair when I have a complex about mine. More importantly, Catherine Deneuve can do both sophisticated and natural beauty, with her wild hair and no makeup look -well the film version of it-. Bonus: she also ages beautifully.


photos from Opening Night & Faces

Another woman with lots of volume through her hair, Gena Rowlands is the actress who keeps pulling faces and, surprisingly, makes them look beautiful. Other than that, her hair is an inspiration to anyone who is fond of loose curls and the peachy lips she, or more precisely her characters, often wear quite messily is a great illustration of the currently trendy undone makeup!


photos from A Star is Born & Meet Me in St. Louis

Very famous and very obvious, I really wanted to include Judy Garland in this post as her beauty is perhaps less conventional compared to the actresses above, but it is something I like, just as I like the fact that makeup is always very visible on her skin. The films do not try to convince the viewer that the characters woke up with it, but rather show that they’ve spent time on it. And Judy Garland knows how to wear -and nail- a bold lip!

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