Nail polishes / Makeup Collection -2-

I love them because they can be fun or sophisticated, look great at all ages depending on the colour .  It also happens to be the only makeup item that we can enjoy during the day – indeed, we get to see your hands more often than your faces- They are probably the first beauty item I was obsessed about back to when I was 15 – being the only makeup item I had the right to wear – . And I must say this is still the case which means that I have been trying a lot of different brands and today I am going to  show you some of my favorites.

2 Nail polishes

For longevity

I reach for Maybelline Strong Pro, I once keep it on my nails for more than a week – holidays – it did not chip. However, I must say that , for some unknown reason, nail polishes are quite long-lasting on my nails and hardly ever chip. Yves Saint Laurent and Galeries Lafayette are not quite bad either – 5 days –  and do last longer than the Revlon – classic – ones which, when it comes to longevity, are definitely not my favorites. Dior lasts for ages as well, and above all, its gel coat has the ability to make almost every nail polishes more enduring.

For pigmentation

I reach for YSL or Dior, two brands for which one coat is enough – I always do two though -, but Revlon is great as well. As for Galeries Lafayette and Maybelline, their pigmentations truly depend on the colour, if it is a deep shade it is great, if it is a light shade it is low.

For the easiest applications

I reach for Dior first as the pencil perfectly hugs the shape of my nails. But, having said that, Galeries Lafayette and YSL do some great pencils as well.  Those from Maybelline are not quite bad either, but I must say that the Revlon’s ones are too thin for my liking.

For beautiful colours

Every time I pass by a YSL or Revlon stand, I have to stop and admire their beautiful shades. It is true that Galeries Lafayette owns a huge choice of colours, nevertheless, I would say that there is almost one shade in two that I do not like. Dior do some great dark or vivid red shades but, again, I am not very keen on the other ones. As for Maybelline, their range – at least in France-  is relatively small.

For shiny nails

– Bear in mind that a nail polish’s shine depends firstly on the shade, darker shades will always look more shiny than a lighter shade- I reach for YSL, which could be wear without top coat. Galerie Lafayette, Revlon and Maybelline are different for each shade but, as a whole, they are very shiny, which also includes Dior. Nonetheless, Dior’s gel coat truly is gorgeous for adding an extra shine to any nail polish, I also really enjoy wearing it on its own in order to give me healthier bare hands.

If you want to know the name of a particular nail polish which features in the picture, I will be happy to answer in the comments. I actually did already talk about some of those brands in previous blog posts: 

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