Pencil eyeshadows / Makeup Collection -1-

I love them because they are practical and, once blended, give the impression that I used three eyeshadows to realize the polished look I now got on my lids. That is the reason why I bought so many of them over the pass five, six months and also the reason why I have decided to talk about these four brands which all have different pencil eyeshadow with different pros and cons.

1 Pencil Eyeshadows

 For longevity on the lids 

I reach for Bourjois Colorband. They do not need a primer underneath and do not move, whether I wear them as a liner or as an eyeshadow. -Yet, bear in mind that, oddly, an eyeshadow’s longevity also depends on the wearer-  The By Terry Ombre Blackstar are not quite bad either, however, if we are talking about long, busy days, they do tend to crease a little bit. When it comes to N°7 Stay Perfect shade and define and Kiko Long lasting stick, I definitely need a primer’s help. – Now, just want to let you know that my eyelids are quite oily and I have slightly hooded eyes as well-

For pigmentation

I reach for By Terry or Kiko. Those are the ones with which I just need to draw one line for my entire eyelid. As for Boujois and N°7, those are more on the buildable side.

For a natural finish

I definitely reach for N°7. I fall in love with its not too sparkly, not too shiny finish which quietly lights up the eye, whereas Bourjois and By Terry are more glittery – By Terry also does mat ones, here in the picture above : Velvet Orchid-. As for Kiko, -once again- no too sparkly yet the texture itself is more noticeable than the N°7 ones.

For beautiful colors

 – I obviously do not own them all but I have seen them all- I would reach for Kiko which has by far the most colourful – yet smart- and largest range of them all. Nevertheless, Bourjois and N°7 have very similar ranges of natural shades – with the exception of the black- . As for By Terry, it lies in the middle, most of the colours are very simple indeed but some of them, such as Blue Obsession, are more daring.