The Faithful -1- Makeup edition


1- Sephora Pro Flawless airbrush-56-

A mixture between a flat foundation brush and a blending brush for the face. Therefore, it works with everything: concealer and foundation – cream blush as well- , it also enables a perfect coverage control- heavy one with the flat side, light one with the blending side-. I use it on a daily basis, yet I still don’t find his weakness.

2- Estée Lauder eyeshadow Pure Color -11- Shells

The one on the right : it gives you a beautiful, discrete lilac eye: the brown undertone makes it more wearable and erases any purple- I look tired- effect. As for the formula, it is great! It does what normally a cream eyeshadow does to me which means it doesn’t crease or move.

3- Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick -145- Rayonnante

The lipstick which gives me confidence. It is comfy, long-lasting, very opaque yet not completely matte. Color-wise it is not to pop, not to classic: it is basically a very pretty pink with a little bit of purple in it which makes it lovely on every eye color.

4- Galeries Lafayette nail polish -50- Arsène

Once again, very discrete, not too bold: just a pretty old pink with a hint of brown in it. It particularly flatters very pale skin which is a rare thing when it comes to pink nail polish. -Getting a little bit repetitious here but it is- very opaque, long-lasting and, last but not least : very cheap.