The Faithful -2- Skincare edition


1- Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery complex II Serum 

The serum which is really well known for a reason. As the title indicates, the main benefit of this product is that its ingredients encourage, boost the natural nighttime repair process – although you can use this product during the day as well-. However, this light, non-sticky, non-greasy serum is also -paradoxically-  highly hydrating, which is why -in my opinion- it is suitable for all types of skin since dry skins who do not like heavy texture will be pleased as well as oily skins or acneic skins. It actually favors spots healing thanks to hyaluronic acid, the ingredient with multiple benefits – retains water, antioxidant power…-. This is the one I probably use the most and I especially like it when I am having a short night as it does -rather often- erase the lack of sleep – maybe thanks to the caffeine it contains?-.

2- Mixa Lait démaquillant Antidessèchement 

This is just a really simple cleasing milk, which removes make up in an extremely soft, gentle way. I personally always enjoy removing my makeup, however, for those of you who always does it reluctantly, I feel like it is a great product for you too.  Just because, as I said before it is really gentle therefore this is really enjoyable. I pour a hazelnut in the hollow of my hand and massaging in before I rinse off my face and then, obviously, I use a second cleanser -mousse or gel-. Unfortunately, this is only available in France – in supermarkets- yet I would say that- if you are going to France- well worth it, mostly because of its -ridiculous- price.

 3- La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Serum

This serum is actually really similar to the Estee Lauder’s one as it also contains hyaluronic acid. The other ingredients emphasized by the brand are arginine and serine: two others water captors. This may explain why – I believe- this serum  is more on the hydrating side that the Estée Lauder’s one. I only ever use it when I see a lack of hydration in my skin.  What particularly seduced me in this product is its gel texture which instantly cools off the skin. It is also a strong point when it comes to rehydrate -for instance- mixed or oily skins which suffer from dehydration. This is a beautiful serum at a very reasonable price, which appears to be -for instance- perfect for a first serum.