The Faithful -3- Makeup edition



1-  Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer powder Spf 15 / Pa++  -N°20-

There is a little bit of misunderstanding around this product, some believe that this is a setting powder when others think it is a bronzer. I personally use it as a bronzer- for my fair skin- , however ,this is so light and invisible that it can easily be used as a setting powder. Moreover, its name itself could be the product’s review as it actually gives you radiant skin. Bronzer wise, it is great, discrete, almost not there yet it adds so much – in a mysterious way-  that it prevents you from the well-known ghost impression.

2-  Mac Omega eyeshadow – for my brows – 

 The perfect matte greyish brown eyeshadow to fill the gaps in your brows. A colour which probably suits a large range of brows colours. I use it with the 208 brush from Mac as well. -once again-  it is very discrete, almost not there, yet it really makes a significant difference. Furthermore, the application is so precise that it turns the eyeshadow into a catastrophes free product.

3- Mac Mehr mat lipstick

A deep old pink in a matte finish which, oddly, does not wash me out – it requires something on my cheeks though-  and goes with everything: light and heavy makeup. Now, it can be quite drying, depending on how prepare your lips are, however, I truly believe that its matte finish is what makes this lipstick so modern. It is not bold, it is not nude either, it is kind of in the middle, which is probably why it is so unique and why -I believe- it works with so many skintones.

4- Lancôme Grandiôse Wide-Angle Fan effect mascara

I purchased this one a long time ago, used it for two weeks and decided I didn’t like it. But, four months ago, my mascara has begun to dry, so I decided to put the Lancôme’s one in order to add a little bit of darkness on my eyelashes and that is when I decided I liked it, which is largely due to its deep black colour which almost gives a wet look to my eyelashes. It is a buildable one, however, it gives more length than volume. Its only drawback is that, if the weather is a little bit humid, it does transfer on my eyelids. Yet, it still one of those mascara which frames your eyes perfectly well without the eyeliner’s help.