Even though I don’t talk about it very often on my blog, I love body creams and, because I tend to finish them quite quickly – maybe I put too much on ? -, I try a lot of them so, when Dove releases a new bodycare range, I immediately try it! Released in late 2015, this body cream is, at least to me, very different from what Dove usually offers! It is more of a gel than a cream, the scent is fresher and perhaps a little bit more sophisticated – it seems only logical since this body cream is a tad more expensive than the usual ones- than the original, well-known Dove one. As always with Dove, the hydration and comfort it gives to the skin doesn’t disappoint yet, what was really striking to me is the fresh, soft and healthy finish it offers to the skin. I guess that is where the words Derma Spa makes sense to me as it is like a fresh, glowy new start for the skin.


Ogx finally arrived in France and I’ve decided to start experimenting with the brand with an oil – probably the haircare item I enjoy to use the most- which rather quickly became my favorite one as it lives up to its claims: it dries very fast to become, except from the softness it adds to it, imperceptible in the hair yet it does really protect them from all those things which could possibly dry out my hair : tools, hair dryer, sun … while obviously making them stronger. The tiniest amount is enough for my bob haircut and I find that, again because it dries quite quickly and isn’t that greasy, I can apply it a little bit higher than with my usual oils, which truly is the little thing which makes the difference to me as I find it is a great way to prevent unhealthy ends later! – As for the scent : nothing specific, it smells like a classic argan oil-


-or Bio-Oil depending on the country’s organic standards- I remember this being one of the first products I purchased because of the blogs I was reading and I believe that, since them, I always repurchase it whenever I have a scar to remove. However, I would like to specify that it only works if I use it very diligently – meaning three times a day contrary to the two times a day recommended by the brand-.┬áThis -mainly- blend of oils has a lot of claims yet, I only used it, as mentioned earlier, to remove my scars but also to hydrate both my face and body as it does a wonderful job when it comes to provide a quick yet deep hydration. Indeed, if the oil is at first quite greasy, it then dries very quickly to leave the skin dry yet moisturized and lightly perfumed with a fresh, babylike fragrance.


  • I really enjoy OGX as a brand, but have yet to try the hair oil. Does it contain a lot of silicones?

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Yes, it’s silly of me because I completely forgot to say it but the first three ingredients are silicones! I personally don’t mind but, if you do, it is definitely an oil to avoid!

      • I don’t strictly avoid them, I was just curious. Sometimes these oils are all silicones and no actual caring stuff.

        • You’re right! I might be wrong, but I think they add the silicones because it goes very well with the smoothing side of the Keratin oil!

  • After trying the body lotion from Derma Spa range, I also got this body creme too! Derma spa range is really good and love the softness it gives. I have oily hair so I don’t really use hair oils, but after damaging my hair badly I used OGX keratin oil. It definitely makes difference, this oil changed my thought about hair oils.

    Ela BellaWorld

    • I also want to try their body lotion, which one did you prefer? The fact that you have oily hair and use the OGX Keratin oil totally makes sense to me as this is one of the only oils which hydrate without being overly greasy!

  • Bio Oil is one of my all-time favourites. I used it on my bump during pregnancy and didn’t get stretchmarks so was very impressed!
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

    • Oh that is good to know, I knew it was one of the claims, but, since it is quite a bold claim, I wasn’t sure if it would work!

  • Christine K

    I haven’t tried the dermaspa cream by Dove, but I need to do so! I actually really love Dove products!

  • Dove is such a nice trusted brand! Never disappointed with their stuff.