Lots of makeup and not a lot of time for skincare, this is what happens to our skin comes Christmas time. And if it is also too frantic and hectic for us to complain about it, I believe in prepping the skin with small gestures, nothing which takes too much time out of the gift shopping and wrapping activities, but enough to make sure that makeup sits nicely on the skin.


When the cold is here, mists and toners aren’t superficial anymore, they ensure the comfort and healthy look of the skin. Underneath makeup, they avoid dry patches to appear too easily and on top of it, they prevent the dreaded cakey skin. Highly comforting and affordable, my current favourite has to be the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea. 


 Lots of late nights, rough weather and a heating which the skin doesn’t appreciate as much as we do, the skin is tired, dull and generally more prone to dehydration and dryness than usual. It certainly adds another step to the skincare routine, but its runny consistency doesn’t take long to apply either, the Dr Jart + Ceramidin Liquid is a serum which I prefer to describe -and use- as a booster, a booster which both oily and dry skins could benefit from as it is highly hydrating and gently nourishing.


Acids are all about being tough on the skin to make sure it truly enjoys the comfort offered later on, and this is the reason why we specifically need them at this time of year: all the steps mentioned above wouldn’t be appreciated as much without the Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme. They get rid of both dead skin and texture, creating therefore a canvas which is perfectly ready to receive the following -highly needed- hydrating and nourishing properties.



  • Yiotou_La

    Mists are a life saver these days, with the weather being bipolar here, one day is sunny and hot and I use plenty of SPF and next day (like today) it’s raining and it’s rather cold so a mist and a heavy cream is necessary for dry patches.


  • Courtney Hardy

    These sound like great products to use in the winter time when skin gets really dry and such.

  • The Ceramidin Liquid is on my definite to buy list next year! xx


  • Oh, you’re totally right – Christmas storms through and we forget completely about our skincare regimes, haha! The booster you’ve mentioned sounds really great for hydrating, you’ve just reminded me of a Darphin oil I have which has similar benefits 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • Yes, it is perfect for hydrating the skin without being too greasy and nourishing! Oh, that Darphin Oil sounds very intriguing!

  • I always hear so many lovely things about Ceramidin family but I don’t know if my oily/combo + dehydrated skin would appreciate it…maybe right now while the weather is so cold. I am lathering on so many layers so this could be an all in one? xxx

    • Oh, I think it would be a great pick for your skin, maybe not the cream version because this one is quite rich, but the liquid or gel cream versions would work just fine! And the liquid version definitely works as both a serum and moisturizer if your skin doesn’t need the proper cream moisturizer 🙂

  • I still haven’t try my Dr. Jart’s Cramidin serum because I’m trying to behave for once in my beauty life. I am finishing up similar serums first before opening it and I hope my skin will love it as much as yours!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    • It is such a great product and I’m pretty sure you will like it as well, I can’t imagine anyone hating it to be fair!